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Dedicated to redefining the life of golden agers above 50

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Our mission and approach

Our mission is to empower the golden agers to rethink, restrategize and recreate new opportunities and fulfilment in an age of longevity.

Consider this: In the 21st century, people will on average live 30 years longer than those in the 20th century; a 100-year life will become a common place. The majority of the population will have to extend their working life, easily into the 70s and 80s. Education will not be confined to the early part of one’s life, but will be needed at many stages in a variety of forms, some of which could be very expensive. As there will be more transitions in the course of one’s life, it is time to reconsider our approach to career, education, social circle and financial and transformational assets.

Our 6-month ReWirement Action Program is designed to encourage and co-create a growth mindset, social network, hobby and skillsets with our participants to reconstruct the blueprint of their long life. As we believe that one learns best in a relaxed and enjoyable environment, all of our workshops and events are designed to be experiential in nature, with minimal classroom-type lectures and presentations. They are all highly participative, interactive, exciting and fun where participants may also be invited to serve as speakers or facilitators.

We look forward to welcoming you onboard to a new journey of 100-year youthfulness!


Our ReWirement Team

Chief facilitator


A seasoned management consultant who retired early at 52, K K has been active in promoting social entrepreneurship and social innovation in the past 15 years. He is a co-founder of a number of organizations, including, HK Social Entrepreneurship Forum, Dialogue in the Dark, the Good Lab, Education for Good, Social Investors Club, Social Impact Fellows, Dream Impact, Inclusive Impact, B Market Builder, and New Power Partners. He is currently launching a ReWirement Action Program to equip and empower Golden Agers to transform themselves and the world.

Program Facilitator

Philip HUI

Dr. Philip K. Hui holds a doctoral degree in the field of international and comparative education from the State of New York at Buffalo. As an experienced teacher educators who retired early at 52, Philip has been active in promoting affective and spiritual education, as well as rural education innovation in the past 13 years. He is a founder of a number of organisations, including, Living Knowledge Communities, Living Knowledge Education Organisation, Foundation for Evolutionary Education in Life and HeartUp Hub. He is currently one of the Founding Directors of the ReWirement Action Program to equip and empower Golden Agers to transform themselves and the world.

Program Facilitator

Gilbert LEE

Graduated with a Social Work degree, Gilbert has been practicing in the Marketing Research profession for over 30 years in Hong Kong/China/globally as a consultant, entrepreneur and company management. Actively planning his next-phase life, Gilbert aims to harness his business experiences to start a business for social good. He has searched for an effective program around the world to achieve this purpose (like a MBA equipping business people). Now, he determines to do it himself and partner with others to create the brand-new ReWirement Action Program to support individuals to act on a significant Golden Age life.

Core Team Member

Dr. Wong, Hin Wah

Dr. Wong, Hin Wah Ed.D. (UCLA). Adjunct professor, Department of Curriculum & Instruction, CUHK. Former Professor & Chairman of the Department of Curriculum & Instruction, supervisor of doctoral students. Former Associate Director, the Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research, CUHK. Served as a teacher in three primary schools, two secondary schools, and teaching consultant at The University of Hong Kong. Served as the coordinator of the ‘Technical Assistance of the Education Component under the World Bank Loan Project in China’; part-time member of the Central Policy Unit, HKSAR; member of the Advisory Committee on Teacher Education and Qualifications; academic consultant and external examiner of a number of universities in Hong Kong. Visiting Professor at various famous normal universities in Mainland. After joining the ReWirement Action Program, my life is more meaningful than the past 11 years since I retired.

Core Team Member


Engaged in environmental protection for more than 24 years. When the body began to have problems and realized the importance of health, she finally regained her health with nutrition intervention and body health treatments. She studied a degree and postgraduate course in nutrition in her spare time. She also finished fitness instructor for the elderly and willing to promote a healthy lifestyle for all. Hoping that everyone will be healthy and live a wonderful life. She has undergone a job transformation and agrees with the concept of “ReWirement” and is willing to contribute her strengths to promote more people to rewire and continue to serve the society. She is a committee member of the 1st ReWirement Action Programme. During that time, she co-founded a social enterprise with her classmate. Through exercise prescriptions, nutrition guidance and mindfulness. To assist people to achieve physical and mental health, reduce medical expenses and increase employment opportunities.

Core Team Member


I am a speech therapist and a teacher of the English language, retired from my full-time job 14 years ago. I joined the ReWirement Action Programme for learning new knowledge, making new friends, bettering the quality of my life and seeking ways to pay back my society. My passion is to connect with people of all ages, link people with a difference to the community, and enable home care for the elderly.

Joining the ReWirement Action Programme adds knowledge, skills and social networks to me and keeps my afore-mentioned passion going strong! KK, Gilbert and Hin Wah and all Co-Creators of our RAP team are my role models and the whole team forms a solid support for each other. I become a strong advocate for spreading the good and the necessity of ReWirement to all who are retired, semi-retired, planning to retire, even younger people who are at the crossroads of deciding on their career.

Let’s make Hong Kong a global hub for ReWirement!

Core Team Member

Shirley HO

Shirley had worked in Hong Kong financial sector of thirty years. She was a foreign exchange and options trader in the first part of her working life before emigration. After returning to Hong Kong, Shirley moved to Sales & Marketing in Treasury. At present, she is semi-retired and doing contract jobs when available. During the first time she comes across the idea of “ReWirement”, she couldn’t agree more and joined the program immediately in April 2019. This is the fact in general that human beings have a longer life, the age of 90 to 100 are very common nowadays. If people retire in the age of 60-65, how should we deal with the future 30 to 40 years? This is the reason why “ReWirement” stunned her completely.

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ReWirement Action

Dedicated to redefining the golden ages in life, especially those who are 10 years before and after one’s target retirement year

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