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Enabling 100-year Youthfulness

What is ReWirement? ReWirement means the transformation into a better self of yours. In the 21st century, people will on average live 30 years longer than those in the 20th century; a 100-year life will become a common place, signifying new types of transitions and relationships with your financial assets, education, career, spouse, family members and friends. Overall, we should live younger for longer in an age of longevity.

ReWirement Fellowship is advocating meaningful transformations across life stages and now launching a 6-month ReWirement Action Program in Hong Kong in order to empower transforming yourself to make the best out of your 100-year life and contribution to a better world.

What will you learn in our ReWirement Action Program?

Designed to equip and empower individuals to transform themselves and the world.

MINDSET: Acquire a new mindset to equip yourself

SOCIAL: Connected to at least 10 friends to broaden social circle

SKILLSET: Learn Lean Startup to create new income

INNOVATION: Engaged in one social innovation project

HOBBY: Develop a new hobby to re-energize yourself

INCOME: Create new income stream to become self-sustained

Dr. KK Tse

Key program designer and facilitator

A seasoned management consultant who retired early at 52, KK has been active in promoting social entrepreneurship and social innovation in the past 15 years. He is a co-founder of a number of organizations, including, HK Social Entrepreneurship Forum, Dialogue in the Dark, the Good Lab, Education for Good, Social Investors Club, Social Impact Fellows, Dream Impact, Inclusive Impact, B Market Builder, and New Power Partners. He is currently launching a ReWirement Action Program to equip and empower Golden Agers to transform themselves and the world.

Our Approach

As we believe that one learns best in a relaxed and enjoyable environment, all of our workshops and events are designed to be experiential in nature, with minimal classroom-type lectures and presentations. They are all highly participative, interactive, exciting and fun where participants may also be invited to serve as speakers or facilitators.

Our mission

Our mission is to empower the golden agers to rethink, restrategize and recreate new opportunities and fulfilment in the face of longevity. Through the ReWirement Action Program, we equip and encourage the participants to develop the growth mindset, wider social network, new hobbies of vitality, relevant skillsets and meaningful income sources to reconstruct the blueprint of their fulfilling long-life.


What Our Participants Say

Widen my horizons, prepare for retirement life earlier, better leverage my talent to make an impact to the society, enable the society to tackle ageing problems more strategically.

Prepare my future CV, learn more new skills, establish a new hobby, earn some money for the future life.

Equip me with more confidence and skills to plan my retirement life.

Develop the courage to become an entrepreneur, unleash positive unlimited possibilities of myself and family.

The program structure seems very comprehensive and action-oriented, it seems very helpful pointing me to the right direction and driving me to make things happen when I’m thinking of my third age life.

The program will give me new insight on retirement, and how to lead a better and meaningful retirement life.

Learn how to plan to start a new business in my retirement life.

Live more meaningfully, enhance my knowledge in different areas.

Upon joining the RAP program, I have learnt much more about the various financial means and tools for semi-retirees like me. The concept of ReWirement matches perfectly and offers me with new visions and connections for a meaningful second-life.




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