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Imagine having more time to live your life, how would it change? How would your work, education and social life be any different? The authors and researchers of 100-year-life share some implications in the age of longevity.

Imagine today is the youngest day of your life. What would you do? Dr. KK Tse shares the vision and learning themes of the nine-month ReWirement Program to help participants live life with a new purpose and goals.

How might we make use of our time to take charge of our finances, career and social life? How will we manage our tangible and intangible assets through various stages of life? The authors give some real-life cases and tips.

What is ReWirement and what are the challenges facing the golden agers? Your work life will prolong as you age; there will be needs to reeducate yourself; entrepreneurship might just be your next opportunity. Dr. KK Tse will give you some in-depth pointers and tips.

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Business methodology for good

Lean Startup for Social Impact

A new social movement

B Corporations that Changed the World

Promoting a new social movement

The New Wave of B Corporations

News coverage 

How Do Three People Take Risks and Change the World?

The National Geographic magazine awards three Chinese explorers in the year of 2017, including Dr. KK Tse

United Daily News

100-Year-Life with You: Advancing Step by Step

No matter what age you are, you can rethink your journey and start creating a life of fulfilment

Social Think Tank: Dr. KK Tse and Education for Good

The pioneer of social enterprises in Hong Kong shares the vision and background of founding Education for Good

Social Enterprise Insights

100-Year-Life with You: How to Live it?

Dr. KK Tse shares the background and vision of B Corps, as well as insights of 100 years of life


Create a Professional Year after Retirement

How can social enterprises sustain their operation and remain competitive to avoid elimination?

China Family Business Review

The most important social innovation in the 21st century?

A deep reflection and trends of rise of B Corps. Will it be the most important social innovation in the 21st century?

China Family Business Review

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