Forget about Retirement,
Go For ReWirement

a 3-month journey in rewirement action

First session starts at End of August, 2020

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Welcoming the 100-year Youthfulness

How to ReWire your life to prepare for your golden years?

Are you prepared for the new transitions in your life as retirement approaches? In the 21st century, people will on average live 30 years longer than those in 20th century; 100-year life will become more and more common. Our workshop is designed to help you transform yourself to make the best out of your long life.

Who is ReWirement Action Program designed for?

If you are in the ReWirement ‘golden 20 years’, i.e. 10 years before and after one’s target retirement year
If you are looking for new inspiration for retirement

An interactive and action-oriented approach for effective learning

There will be visits to Certified B Corps in Hong Kong and nearby markets (eg. Shenzhen, Shanghai, Taipei,etc) to enable participants to have a direct feel of businesses as a force for good. We include interactive visits to and build hands-on connections with a number of social enterprises and social innovations in Hong Kong, such as the following: 

Dialogue Experience

Senior Citizens Home Safety Association

Light Be

MentalCare Connect

Green Monday

Gingko House

Green Ladies

Diamond Cab

Rooftop Republic


Inclusive Impact


Workshop themes

Our workshops are all highly participative, interactive, exciting and fun, as we believe that one learns best in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.  We’ll invite local and international gurus of the respective fields, social entrepreneurs and ReWirement role models as the facilitators and speakers of related sessions.  Participants may also be invited to share their views and experiences of certain topics. The content is very comprehensive and holistic, covering different stages of the ReWirement process, and how to acquire, develop and strengthen tangible and intangible assets needed to lead a fulfilling 100-year life.

How to enhance your self-awareness?
  • Begin with the End in Mind – 100-Year Youthfuleness
  • Audit Your Intangible Assets – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
How to enhance your Tangible Assets?
  • A Critical Look at Tangible Assets – Are They Sufficient to Support a 100-Year Life?
  • How to preserve and strengthen your Tangible Assets
How to enhance your Productive assets?
  • A Critical Look at Tangible Assets – Are They Sufficient to Support a 100-Year Life?
  • How to preserve and strengthen your Tangible Assets
How to enhance your vitality assets?
  • Vitality Assets Made Simple – Physical and Mental Fitness
  • Art of Living: Happiness and Peace of Mind
  • Social Networks Online and Offline – Make or Break Your Longevity Wellness
How to enhance your transformational Assets?
  • Transformational Assets – the Open Secrets of Success
  • Acquiring a Growth Mindset – the Skies Are the Limit
  • Rethinking Leisure: from Recreation to Re-creation
How to make an impact to society?
  • Seeing is Believeing – An Experiential Appreciation of Social Innovation
  • New Power Model with New Values – Changing the World for Good with ICT
How to rewire yourself for the next phase of 100-year life?
  • Seeing is Believeing – An Experiential Appreciation of Social Innovation
  • New Power Model with New Values – Changing the World for Good with ICT

Expected Outcomes

Acquire a new mindset

A new mindset is essential to consistent growth in the face of new challenges. You will learn about growth mindset that strengthens beliefs and power about yourself and unleash potential you never knew you had before.

Develop a new hobby

Whether it is a sporty or artistic hobby, you will learn and pick up a new interest to find new meaning and fulfilment. You will build on a new craft and continue to learn and develop yourself.

Engaged in one social innovation project

You will learn about the social challenges facing Hong Kong and various enterprises that have existed to tackle the critical problems within society. You will find and open up new opportunities to give back to society.

Master a new skillset

You will learn about the famous methodology lean startup to turn your products or services into new income streams. You will learn important concepts such as minimal viable product, empathy and pivot.

Connect to at least ten new friends

You will join a new network of peers and connect with them. You will find yourself immersed in a new social circle who will share similar aspirations, hobbies and views to make life more interesting than ever.

Create at least one new source of income

You will be equipped with a new mindset and knowledge in order to make steady income for the days to come. You will ensure that your income is sufficient, sustainable and satisfying.

Build Up good body with Exercise

Includes 八段錦, 易筋棒 etc. And change eating habits, improve health condition to achieve better lives.

Our program designers and facilitators

Strategize, Rewire, Build

The ReWirement Action Program will be facilitated by Dr. KK Tse, Dr. Philip Hui, and Mr. Gilbert Lee.

Workshop arrangement:


The core of the program is a 3 full-day workshops spread over 3 months (face to face – 29/8, 10/10, 28/11), plus 6 online half-day workshops (5/9, 19/9, 3/10, 17/10, 31/10, 14/11).

Optional activities – Visit and communicate activities in Hong Kong and elsewhere.


Course Details



We are making this program self-financing for both the organizer and the participants.

Our rationales for self-financing:
We have an innovation here for BOTH THE ORGANIZER AND THE PARTICIPANTS.

From the organizer’s point of view:

We need to make this Program self-financing by charging a fee from the participants.

We are not attempting to obtain funding from government or foundations to support this Program for a number of reasons:

a) This Program is so new and unconventional that it is difficult, if not outright impossible, to obtain funding from government or philanthropic sources;

b) The participants (or so-called beneficiaries) of the Program are not ‘underprivileged’ or ‘disadvantaged’ groups, and as such, they are unlikely to be considered for sponsorships or subsidies of most kinds; and

c) We hope to make the Program self-financing so that we could scale it up in due course without relying on external funding.

We also believe that Program of this nature should not be free, otherwise the motivation to take an active part and to overcome the various challenges the Program presents will not be high enough for the participants to fully benefit from it.

We will be charging a fee to cover the basic costs of the Program which primarily include speakers/facilitators fees, venue and logistics costs, organization visits costs, website development and maintenance costs, and administrative expenses.

We have not included the costs of Program design which are contributed by K K Tse, Gilbert Lee and Philip Hui on a pro bono basis.  K K and Gilbert will also actively involve all Program participants to refine and co-create the Program as it unfolds.

Fee: HKD 5,000(Paid before the course starts)

The participants could also reclaim HKD1,000 after 20 volunteer service hours.

Date: Enrollment starts from now (The first workshop will begin from end of August, 2020)


Course Design :

Workshop materials – Will send to you beforehand, for self and group study.

Group study – Participants will be divided into groups (4-5 people per group),support each other; Every team will have Learning Facilitator who join the 1st cohort of ReWirement action program,and they will provide support to each group join the workshop.




3-month course

Workshops will begin from end of August, 2020. 

Required reading

Course prerequisites

All applicants are strongly encouraged to start reading the book The 100-Year Life: Living and Working in an Age of :Longevity by Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott of London Business School, first published in 2017. It is available in Chinese《100歲的人生戰略》

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