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作者:黃顯華日期:2020-04-04 與其把今天視為我有生以來最年長的一天,我積極地以今天是我未來生命最年輕的一天。 生命不應只是「受學校教育」、「工作」和「退休」三個階段而已;可是,還沒有突破「退休」是「退」的負面的感覺,亦缺乏着眼於對整體人類生命的關懷。(Pixabay) 退休後的生活安排 2008年筆者退休後,時間的安排大體如下;這十多年的生活可算是充實的,卻缺乏了上述對生命的感受。...

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KK Tse, towards 100 years

Having read the 100-Year Life book, I would like to share my story using some of the basic frameworks of the book. I will share how I began my life with the conventional 3-stage paradigm, did something crazy in each of the stages, and achieved some results I had not...

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